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What is your assessment of the townspeople & jury?

I believe that the townspeople were typical of any southern town for that time period. They believed in a “Separate, but Equal” system. The townspeople still did not view colored people as equal and were uneasy with them. They were not equal, but were rather viewed as inferior beings. As for the jury, which was made up of  white people, they made a decision based on their beliefs, which meant Tom Robinson was found guilty on his charges. The jury knew Atticus had made a strong case though, and it took them many hours of deliberation to reach their verdict.

If you were Atticus, could you continue living in Maycomb without bitterness?

Atticus took Tom Robinson’s case with the knowledge that he’d lose the case. He took the case for the sake of honor. I think Atticus will continue living in Maycomb without bitterness because he knew what he had coming. He also knows the town is not interested in changing their ways, nor will they in the near future. He has many reasons to think otherwise though. The fact that racial prejudice is in full swing is disturbing to him.

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“How’s your entailment gettin’ along?”

What was the purpose of Walter Cunningham’s mob? And why did the mob leave?

Walter Cunningham showed up to the prison with the rest of his mob. They came to hurt Tom Robinson, who was locked up in one of the cells. Atticus was present outside of the jail cell of Tom Robinson. He wanted to protect him from any assailant who would attempt to harm his client. They began to negotiate with Atticus, who seemed calm and collected. His negotiations were not going well, but Scout, who snuck out of the house, would end up saving the day. She began to talk to Mr. Walter Cunningham Sr. Scout knew all about Mr. Cunningham and his spotted legal history. Scout steered the conversation towards Mr. Cunningham’s son Walter Jr. and made him feel uneasy. Walter was one of the children who showed up the first day of school, only to be counted “absent” the rest of the year. “He’s in my grade, and he does right  well. He’s a good boy.” (Lee 154)  She went on and made the rest of the men feel awkward. “Entailments are bad.” (Lee 154) The men were astonished to find that she knew.

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You Had Me Suicidal.

Statement: Students who are depressed are simply afraid to deal with their real or perceived problems.

I believe students who are depressed aren’t just afraid to deal with their problems, as not every person is the same. Their problems can be something on a much larger scale than dating or friends. Their problems aren’t simple. They can stem from family problems. Family problems can be very complicated and can’t simply be dealt with in the way social problems can. Abuse  cannot be dealt in this way either. There’s more than meets the eye when it comes to depression. Confronting a problem is not to be taken lightly. It is one of the toughest decisions a human being can make. This is especially true when it comes to abuse. Someone who has been sexually abused does not what to confront the perpetrator. This person has shown dominance. Confrontation could lead to more abuse, causing further depression. Depression is how they deal with their problem, since confrontation does not seem like an option to them. In conclusion, these people are afraid to deal with their real problems, but they have plenty of reason to be afraid. It is much more complicated than meets the eye.

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The Possibility of Evil

Miss Strangeworth thinks there is  ”so much evil in people.”  Do you agree with her?  Why or why not?

I strongly agree with this quote from Miss Strangewoth. Evil is one of the properties that makes us human. It is an undeniable fact that everyone in the world is evil to a certain extent. As a human, we have the ability to decide our fate. We have the ability to decide whether to reveal our evil, or to contain it within ourselves, just as with generosity and the like.  Miss Strangeworth supports this fact. Walking down the street, one would not be able to distinguish the fact that a venerable, elderly woman as herself could present any evil, and they’d be right, until they discover the demented mind of Miss Strangeworth. Among fellow townspeople, she is a well regarded source of wise advice, much like your old grandfather, who talked slow, and with a limited vocabulary, yet you fully understood the message. Miss Strangeworth finds her outlet in writing anonymous letters. We all find ways to release our evil, whether we let it all loose, or we let go of very little.  This is the way she releases her evil.

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About Tyus Rafael


My name is Tyus Rafael. Just another Pinoy. I was born in Salt Lake, Hawaii on the island of Oahu. Back in Hawaii, it wasn’t cheap for a pinoy or his family to make a living, which is why my family relocated to the mainland along with some of my extended family in 2000.  Much like the Philippines, much of my family, including my extended family lives in one house. Filipino culture is very family oriented, as well as food oriented. I am also a big fan of the Hawaii Warriors! My immediate family members include my older brother and younger sister.

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Salt Lake, Hawaii (Yes, It is a place!)

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Go Warriors!

When we came to the mainland, we lived in the one house that my family shared with several others. Just like in the Philippines, the entire family sleeps in one room. Over time, we would eventually settle in our own place, although family from Hawaii and the Philippines were always welcome.

I began my education at Mabel Hoggard Elementary School, a magnet Math and Science program. As I progressed through my early education, I moved on to Hyde Park Middle School, a magnet school for Math and Science as well. I am now a freshman here at the Advanced Technologies Academy in the Computer Science program.

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